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Mystery solved! What is the origin of ‘M.K. style’ fashion?

People in Hong Kong refer to a certain manner of dress as Mongkok-style, more commonly abbreviated by the acronym, ‘M.K.‘. Mongkok of course is one of the city’s thriving shopping and eating centers on Kowloon side. It’s also literally one of the most densely populated neighborhoods on the planet. The term Mongkok-style can be used […]

Hong Kong’s micro-boutiques get even smaller!

If you’re a regular reader of Hong Kong Hustle you know that I’ve written about the city’s mini-malls regularly. I’ve explained the logic behind them due to Hong Kong’s exorbitant rents and the scarcity of land. I explained how they’re useful for new designers who can’t afford premium ground floor locations. I’ve also talked about […]

Bowling in Hong Kong!

Say you’re looking for something to do besides hitting the usual nightspots. Or it’s a rainy day and you want to have some indoor fun. Bowling, that ancient sport not normally associated with Hong Kong, is a good option. Though not very conspicuous, there are several major bowling alleys scattered around town. There’s even a […]

Paul Frank, Julius and Friends coming to Causeway Bay!

I was cutting through Sharp Street in back of Times Square last night when I saw a bright wall decorating an area under construction. The temporary facade featured scores of colorfully animated characters including the iconic Julius the monkey. The words at the top said “Stick around to find out where Julius and Friends sail […]

D.J. Drumstruck, D.J. Celsius, Drum N Bass!

On Saturday May 10th Magnetic Soul presents D.J. Drumstruck from London and D.J. Celsius from Jakarta. The event is free and takes place at Linq at 37-43 Pottinger Street in Central. The party runs from 11 pm to 5am! Supporting D.J.s include: Cookie, Teem, Blood Dunza, and Fat Demon Check out the Magnetic Soul website […]

Stereo Heroes at Sammy’s Kitchen

A group of D.J.s from France known as the Stereo Heroes will be playing at Sammy’s Kitchen, 137-139 Connaught Road on May 24th. The theme of the night is a strike that took place in France in May of 1968. The cover charge is $100 with costume and $150 without. Supporting D.J.s include: Le Libertin, […]

Fresh market dining in North Point

Last night on a whim I headed over to the Java Road Cooked Food Centre for the first time in a few years. Located in North Point, it’s similar to the Wong Nai Chung Cooked Food Centre in Happy Valley. Situated above a live market, it feels as though you’re dining seaside at an outdoor […]

Hong Kong no longer a cultural backwater?

It used to be that international-level events in this town were few and far between. Years ago you would wait for months just for something to take place. And when it finally arrived, often the draw would be a famous name on the decline, not someone at the top of their game. Hong Kong just […]