Pharrell’s “Places and Spaces I’ve Been”

pharrell williams places and spaces ive been book signing

Pharrell Williams, ready to begin his book signing session!

Book publisher Rizzoli teamed up with Hong Kong fashion retailer On Pedder to hold a book signing for Pharrell Williams‘ newest project on Tuesday evening.

Titled, “Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been”, the name is a reference to the 1975 Donald Byrd recording “Places and Spaces” that was was re-popularized to a younger generation in Jazzy Jeff’s classic, “A Touch of Jazz.”

Pharrell’s presence drew a large crowd to On Pedder. Attendees waited patiently for the event to start, many clutching brand new copies of the book in their hands. Check out the video from the event!

“Places and Spaces I’ve Been” comes in several different color variations including pink! In Hong Kong there were two editions for sale, a $580 HKD version and a special, highly limited book priced at $2650 HKD.

Places and Spaces by Donald Byrd, 1975

pharrell places and spaces ive been book

Posters advertising the the book signing could be spotted around the city


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