Best H.K. movie trailer of 2010? Gallants!


The trailer for the upcoming film Gallants is yet more proof in our theory that Hong Kong films are making a comeback. A nod to times when the city’s movies kicked both figuratively and literally, it reminds you of the original recipe that lead to H.K. cinema’s international success.

The Gallants trailer is a masterpiece itself, deftly balancing a retro feel and stylized editing, with intense action and a sense of humor.

Direct lineage to an earlier era
Produced by Andy Lau’s Focus Films, the movie features veteran actors Chen Kuan-Tai, Leung Siu-Lung, and Teddy Robin.

Chen Kuan-Tai often played a hero in Shaw Brothers films of the 1970’s (alongside notable names such as Ti Lung, David Chiang and Fu Sheng.) This makes him a member of the first wave of Hong Kong cinema’s popularity, part of the same group of actors who were venerated by a generation of movie fans.

The trailer for Gallants even includes a throwback 70’s-inspired title sequence.

Gallants hong kong movie HK film

On the younger side of the cast, there’s Wong You Nam, J.J. Jia, and M.C. Jin sporting a neck brace! Gallants looks exhilarating, hilarious and fun! Check out the trailer below:

mc jin movie film gallants HK hong k



  • Lina says:

    yes, definitely need to see 打擂臺. the trailer alone is worth the price of admission.

  • phil says:

    i dont know how i feel about this. on one hand, i see some really cool editing but im so not used to seein Jin actin in a HK movie / Vita commercials. Seein a guy who absolutely kill it back in the 107 & Park days to what he’s doing now seems so distant.

  • Administrator says:

    Hi Phil,

    Well, Jin isn’t the central character in the film, and besides, M.C.s are natural as actors. Rappers develop a stage persona, and are skilled at projecting their voices, which makes it very easy for them to transition to acting.

    Good M.C.s have a strong stage presence, which is also a commodity on screen. I think it’s a good fit.

  • sirdk says:

    lol @ 107 and Park..
    Phil, it’s 106 =]

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