Who says Hong Kong don’t Rock?


Puma put on an amazing concert last Friday night, bringing out local bands LMF, Hardpack, and Endy Chow, to celebrate the Puma Archive line. The party took place in a raw, almost warehouse-like space, just a block from the Kwun Tung MTR station.

Despite the fact that the event began during an intense rainstorm, the turn-out was not effected. In fact, by the time I arrived (soaked!), the place was filling up quickly.

Kwun Tong is way off the map for most party-goers, but the draw of bands like LMF and Hardpack brought out a significant crowd, filling up the VIP section with people like Simon Birch and even Anthony Wong Chau-Sang.

LMF lazy mutha Hong Kong HK
The view from the VIP section towards the main area

puma archive hong kong store
The whole place was soon packed with people!

Puma black store hong kong IFC

First up on stage was Endy Chow, who I wasn’t familiar with. The theme of the night was ‘archive’ and the bands played cover songs, which was a smart idea.

puma shoes sneaker hong kong HK

Familiar songs help to get parties rocking, plus it’s usually fun to hear a famous party song performed live by a local band.

One cool feature of the night – the organizers let loose two large beach balls, (an American concert tradition?) and people in the crowd hit them up into the air, sending them away from the VIP section, to the main party area, and then back again to the stage.

Hardpack LMF band hong kong

Hardpack was the second act to perform, and they were joined on stage by a singer named Kary. She had a strong stage presence and was excellent on lead vocals.

Hardpack band hong kong Kary

The crowd was getting more and more excited by the time LMF took the stage.

Puma archive uncovered LMF hk

LMF performed many of their classics to the approving crowd. These guys are high-energy performers, constantly bobbing their heads and jumping around. It’s contagious.

puma archive uncovered hong kong

The crowd got into the spirit and joined in their call and response routines. At several points the majority of the audience had their hands up in the air. Check out the video!

After the bands, Sam Lee d.j.ed, playing a wide variety of music. A good segment of the crowd exited quickly, trying to catch the last MTR train for home. I stuck around making some new friends and taking a few photos.

On the way out, guests received a Puma Archive bandana as a gift and many people posed for photos with the huge, two-foot long copies of classic Puma sneakers.

Puma archive sneakers hong kong

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