MastaMic – The New Hope of H.K. Hip Hop?



Charismatic local M.C., MastaMic is launching his ‘New Hope’ mixtape on Saturday, February 19th, at The Fringe Club in Central.

The last time we caught MastaMic, he was performing on stage with Southern China’s top Hip Hop crew, Dumdue.

One of the most creative underground M.C.s in Hong Kong, MastaMic is also known as the city’s Cantonese-language freestyle champion. In addition to his lyrical skills, MastaMic has a strong stage presence and puts on fun shows. On Saturday, the local M.C. will be performing several songs from his mixtape live at The Fringe.

mastamic hong kong HK mc

Saturday night’s release party is a good chance to check out his new material and see just what Hong Kong Hip Hop is all about!

Mastamic hong kong mixtape HK

Even if you don’t speak Cantonese, it’s worth stopping by to check out local Hip Hop culture. MastaMic’s rhythmic flows are easy to follow, regardless of your level of Cantonese. The Fringe is an intimate venue with a more casual, friendly atmosphere than your typical Hong Kong nightspot.

Masta mic mixtape hip hop HK

MastaMic – The New Hope Mixtape Release Party
The Fringe Club
2 Lower Albert Road
Central, Hong Kong

From 10pm to 1am
$120 advance ticket, $150 on the night, includes one drink

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  • djkmelo says:

    Local rap at its finest!!

    peace to Masta Mic and the Justice League fam.

  • Kpoo says:

    I’m impressed wit homies freestyle…..not so much his written sh*t. But either way gotta support tat 852 hip hop…I mean at least it aint fama or edc reppin us this time lolllllllllll

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