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H.K.’s best pizza? Meet the new contender!

At Hong Kong Hustle we’re a bit obsessed with finding Hong Kong’s best pizza. We’ve been writing about the subject for a few years already and have discussed in great detail several of the obstacles that make good pizza hard to come by in this city. (more…)


Pizza Wars!!!

It was only a matter of time before competition for Hong Kong’s best pizza started to heat up. As we witnessed earlier with burger joints, frozen yoghurt places and bubble tea stands, the window of opportunity to be the only one of your kind is very brief in this city. Tuesday I headed over to […]


“I’m going to get a slice!”

Back in early March we talked about how Hong Kong’s lack of decent pizza has been holding up the city’s reputation. For pizza lovers, especially former New Yorkers, being able to get a ‘slice’ is an important lifestyle issue. Thankfully, it appears we’ve turned a corner. Paisano’s, which has had a branch in Sai Kung […]


Why doesn’t Hong Kong have good pizza?

Born in Italy, perfected in New York! If you ask a transplanted New Yorker, what’s the best pizza in Hong Kong? They’ll surely answer: there isn’t any! Not all pizzas were created equal Though pizza originated in Naples, Italy, it was popularized, internationalized and significantly innovated on by Italian immigrants who settled in New York. […]