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Breakbot at Socialito

French recording artist Breakbot packed Socialito on Friday, January 25th. Arriving an hour into his set, the DJ booth was surrounded by an adoring crowd who responded enthusiastically to each mix.


Ed Banger’s DJ Feadz and Riton, Friday!

Although, somewhat lesser known than some of their Ed Banger labelmates, DJ Feadz and Riton are both talented DJs, producers, and scholars of dance music. Feadz is the one who discovered Uffie, putting together her hit “Pop The Glock”. His dense productions contain bits and pieces from earlier eras of dance music history. From obscure […]

Uffie + Busy P + So Me + DJ Mehdi!!!

No time for a proper post, but just had to draw your attention to this! Friday, August 6th, features an Ed Banger double feature! First Uffie is putting on an invitation-only in-store performance at the Diesel Planet Store on Queens Road Central (at 7pm,) and later Busy P, So Me, and DJ Mehdi will be […]

Ed Banger’s DJ Vicarious Bliss at Volar

Thursday night another member of the Ed Banger crew descended on Hong Kong’s club Volar. The producer / d.j. Vicarious Bliss, a label-mate of Justice, Uffie, and Busy P, played a mixture of Electro, Rock, and even some New Order, (which was fitting, since they were an early proponent of the mixture of these two […]