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Jurassic 5’s DJ Nu-Mark, plus Chali 2na!

Don’t miss DJ Nu-Mark! He’s the perfect storm: incredibly creative, impeccable taste in music, and a master showman. Nu-Mark’s last appearance in H.K., back in 2007, captivated the audience and left them completely dazzled.

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Simian Mobile Disco at FLY!

Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford and Jas Shaw shape bleeps and noise into soulful songs that suggest a variety of influences from Georgio Moroder and New Order, to old school Techno and forgotten rollerdisco Funk.

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DJ Bok Bok blocked by NBA player?

What looked like a former N.B.A. player stumbled into DJ Bok Bok’s set on Thursday night, and for a time, blocked the DJ booth with his presence. If you’re over seven feet tall and three feet wide, leaning up directly on the front of the DJ booth is a party foul!

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Ms Dynamite at FLY – Friday!

Ms Dynamite, the talented British singer with hits that stretch from underground dancefloors to the mainstream charts, is performing at FLY on Friday. A versatile singer, her classic songs range from slow and sultry to fast and explosive.

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DJ Marky & Stamina MC at FLY

Hong Kong has long had a soft spot for Drum and Bass music. The fast-paced dance genre (that was popularized in England) made the jump to Hong Kong in the late 90’s, and has maintained a loyal following ever since. Last Friday’s set by DJ Marky brought out the city’s Drum ‘n’ Bass diehards, including […]


Dubstep originators Skream & Benga at FLY on Saturday!

As Dubstep continues to gain traction on international dancefloors (and even begins to influence Pop music,) Skream and Benga, two pioneers who helped shape the genre, will be playing at FLY on Saturday, January 14th. Only in their mid-twenties, both Skream and Benga have been active producer / artist / DJs, for over ten years. […]


Models, mayhem, Surf Vampires… tonight!

The haunted house party is back! Surf Vampires Must Die features the dirtiest Surf Rock tunes from the 1960’s garage band scene, plus a few modern tracks thrown in. The music direction is equal parts psychedelic and psychotic. Just how grungey is it? Listening to the songs, it sounds as if the bands didn’t take […]


Surf Vampires Must Die! Part 2, Thursday!

Last month’s Surf Vampires Must Die! brought out an enthusiastic crowd of scenesters, models, and nightlife elite who kept the party rockin’ til 4am. The dancefloor was absolute mayhem and featured dance moves perhaps never before seen in Hong Kong! The crowd, who came out for something different, were rewarded with fast-paced, high-energy Surf Rock, […]


Surf Vampires Must Die! This Thursday!

What would the music be like at a haunted house party on Hawaii’s North Shore? A new party named Surf Vampires Must Die! answers that question with a night filled with “60’s Psychedelic Surf Rock and Garage Bands A Go Go.” The d.j. behind the party works with fashion heavyweights such as Chanel, Chloe, and […]