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absor[bed] art exhibit show hong kong hk xxx gallery

ABSOR[BED] – a group exhibition

The new XXX, which is located in a basement further out towards Kennedy Town, is hosting a multimedia art exhibit called ABSOR[BED] on Thursday, August 22nd.

andy warhol hong kong 15 minutes eternal exhibit hk

Andy Warhol – 15 Minutes Eternal

Is there more to Andy Warhol than Campbell’s soup, Chairman Mao, and Marilyn Monroe? The answer can be found at a major new exhibition titled ‘Andy Warhol – 15 Minutes Eternal’ at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. (more…)

russian dream polina shubkina models hong kong

Russian models exposed in ‘Russian Dream’

Photographer Polina Shubkina opens her new show, Russian Dream, on Thursday, September 6th, at the Artist Residence Gallery in Sai Ying Pun. The exhibit is a collection of behind the scenes moments with Russian models living in Hong Kong. (more…)


Sonya Fu “Obfuscating Stupidity” at Above Second

Artist Sonya Fu is back at Above Second gallery for her sophomore solo exhibition titled “Obfuscating Stupidity.” Opening on Friday, January 20th, the artist’s paintings have a soft, dream-like quality to them that’s rare for digital art. (more…)


Roy Lichtenstein remixed Chinese art?

Most well known for his comic-style paintings made from patterned dots*, artist Roy Lichtenstein also used his distinct techniques to create a series of work based on traditional Chinese landscapes. Due to the strong optical effect of the dots, the art is much more powerful in person than can be captured in photos. (more…)


Sonya Fu “Skin Deep” at Above Second

Unfathomable 2020 Dreams – Sonya Fu One of the standouts of the recent 20/20 exhibition at the Above Second Gallery was a work by Hong Kong artist Sonya Fu. Titled, ‘Unfathomable 2020 Dreams’, it had a kind of sfumato quality to it that stood out from the other works in the show. Using a digital […]


Simon Birch, ringmaster of Hope and Glory

Simon Birch, an artist we have covered extensively on Hong Kong Hustle, is launching an ambitious new exhibition titled Hope and Glory on Thursday, April 8th. The show will be spread out over 20,000 sq. feet – an enormous size in this land-scarce, densely packed city. (Some of you may already be familiar with the […]


Apostrophe Gallery + G.O.D. present “Untitled Enemies”

“Untitled Enemies,” the new show by the Apostrophe Gallery, is opening up at The Peak Galleria this Wednesday. The exhibition includes work by a diverse group of artists including six from Hong Kong and seven from England, Australia and the U.S.. (There are a total of twenty-five contributors altogether!) The collection boasts a wide variety […]


Consequences collaboration show opening!

The opening of Consequences, a five artist show is taking place Thursday, April 23rd at The Economist Gallery inside the Fringe Club, just above Lan Kwai Fong. The five woman show features new work by a diverse group of artist / designers. The theme of the show is “raunchy tales and wild concoctions” relating to […]