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Racks isn’t dead, it just passed out!

Racks MDB, the casual, unpretentious nightspot that brought billiards and beer pong to Central’s nightlife, is set to close its doors this weekend. After nearly five years of fun filled nights (and often hazy memories,) the final party will be held this Saturday, December 17th. (more…)


Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre at Dragon-i (FINALLY!)

It was technically Thursday morning when Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre took the stage at Dragon-i. The two Hip Hop legends had never before performed in Hong Kong, and judging from the turnout, an appearance was long overdue. (more…)


Major Lazer’s Skerrit Bwoy returns!

Skerrit Bwoy’s first performance at Volar was truly legendary. At one point in the night, performing as hype-man for Diplo’s Major Lazer Tour, he climbed onto a water pipe and hung upside down from the ceiling while the crowd went wild. Known for whipping audiences into a frenzy, we’re excited to see what he does […]


D.J. Spinna at Dragon-i, Tuesday!

Legendary music man D.J. Spinna, christens the new sound system at Dragon-i on Tuesday night. The talented New York-based producer is respected equally in both Hip Hop and House circles as a top remixer and beatmaker. Spinna’s known for his soulful sounds and has been sought out to remix everyone from De La Soul to […]

DJ Noodles at Hyde – Thursday!

Taiwan’s DJ Noodles, the first female finalist in DMC history, will be performing at Hyde on Thursday night, September 30th. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to check out the new club, this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. (more…)

Uffie + Busy P + So Me + DJ Mehdi!!!

No time for a proper post, but just had to draw your attention to this! Friday, August 6th, features an Ed Banger double feature! First Uffie is putting on an invitation-only in-store performance at the Diesel Planet Store on Queens Road Central (at 7pm,) and later Busy P, So Me, and DJ Mehdi will be […]


Japanese Techno DJs take over Yumla!

This weekend features back-to-back Techno nights at Yumla piloted by five d.j.s from Japan. D.j.s Montea, Atsushi and Taku Hirayama, play the first night, followed by d.j.s Ko*Hayashi and T.B. on the second. Hong Kong’s Frankie Lam will also join them on the 8th. Though Techno music remains popular around the world, it’s not easy […]


Smoking ends, but the d.j. plays on!

the scene last Friday in the Drum N Bass room at Cliq For years we’ve endured smokey clubs until the wee hours of the morning and the collateral damage – second hand smoke, smelly clothes, and smokey hair. But July marked the end of smoking (at least legally,) inside Hong Kong’s bars and nightclubs. On […]


PaE goes DnB! Featuring Supra1!

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy is hosting a massive Drum n Bass / Broken Beat extravaganza this Friday night, July 3rd. The party boasts the d.j. / producer duo Supra1 from Krakow, Poland as a headliner. Hosts Kid Fresh and Enso will also be manning the decks in the front room. For the night, the second room […]