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Beat Box Butterscotch performs!

Last month’s Annie Who fashion show featured the human beat box Butterscotch as the night’s entertainment. A quick definition of a human beat box is someone who uses their mouth as a musical instrument. Beat boxes emerged during the early days of Hip Hop music and have remained something of a novelty. Skilled beat boxers […]

Killa Kela plus friends at Volar!

This makes the fourth time that top beatboxer Killa Kela is set to perform in Hong Kong. If you haven’t yet caught one of his shows, Killa Kela produces elaborate, almost orchestral routines using only his mouth! For his Summer 2009 tour, Kela teams up with Andy Knowles, an accomplished drummer who plays with the […]

Edison’s Concert

Was out the other night and I ran into Pav with a couple of foreigners. I started talking to them and one of them turned out to be the human beatbox Killa Kela. He told me he was performing at a Hip Hop concert the following Monday. This was news to me, since I hadn’t […]