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Urban Outfitters on wheels?

In high-rent cities like Hong Kong, where having a cool shop location is extremely cost prohibitive, Heartschallenger has come up with a unique solution. Parked on the streets of New York, Los Angeles or Miami you might spot one of their iconic pink ice-cream trucks. What’s inside is actually a mobile shopping experience that includes […]


Kitsune is coming to town!

On December 19th, Silly Thing and WAD Magazine (France) are throwing “What A Different X’Mas Party: Kitsune is coming to town.” The trend-setting Kitsune duo, Gildas and Masaya run one of the most interesting contemporary record labels, as well as a highly respected clothing company. The venue is the large art space opened by the […]


Miggy Cheng solo show at Kapok

Kapok, the quirky boutique that carries everything from Kitsune music and candles to Japanese art books, has hosted a steady stream of art and cultural events since its inception in 2006. Tucked away on sleepy Dragon Road in Tin Hau (close to Victoria Park,) it’s relocating to St. Francis Yard near Star Street after July. […]

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Kitsune’s Gildas and Masaya at Volar!

Friday night Volar is hosting a special d.j. set by Kitsune creative heads Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki. Haven’t heard of Kitsuné yet? These guys are major figures in contemporary music and fashion. (more…)