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Cool time-lapse video featuring Pat Lee

For those of you who missed the live illustration at Racks last month, here’s a short video of Pat Lee at work. The time-lapse video was directed and edited by Racks regular Michele Orlando. Speaking of videos, Racks was also the site of a music video shoot for acclaimed American born Chinese rapper Jin. The […]


Boner’s etc. vs. Sh*t Sandwich at Racks

Just when you thought Sh*t Sandwich was getting a little stale, the Racks crew is out with a brand new flavor. Boner’s etc. vs. Sh*t Sandwich takes place on Wednesday June 25th. It features Tuesday’s sometime d.j.s with the Sh*t Sandwich all-stars. Billed as a “night of romance” it may be a night to remember! […]


Artist Pat Lee – live drawing at Racks!

At 9pm this Sunday, comic artist Pat Lee will be drawing a piece at Racks billiards club. The last time Pat Lee did a live painting there was a major turnout – even in the rain! That location is now the current home of the new Diesel flagship store on Queens Road. Have a look […]

Racks celebrates their first anniversary!

By the time I arrived at Racks MDB it was already after 1 am. The place was trashed, as were most of the patrons of the popular pool hall. The bar staff looked shell-shocked and there were stacks of glasses piled up high along the bar. People were dancing in front of the d.j. booth […]

A regular Thursday night in Hong Kong?

It started out as a regular Thursday night. I was at home when a friend called and asked me to meet up at Racks. I obliged and headed over at ten-thirty. Waiting for the elevator, the doors opened and out poured several girls I knew who told me that they were on their way to […]


SH*T SANDWICH (What a name for an event!) Wednesday, January 30th from 10 pm til 3:00 am. DJs Drafus and D Heezy play a mixed bag of Hip Hop old and new, Booty, Electro, 80’s, 90’s and Rock. Free! RACKS MDB, 2-8 Wellington Street, 7th floor.

The infamous Mobb Deep!

In town for an MTV Music Awards special promotion, New York Hip Hop group Mobb Deep made their first appearance ever in Hong Kong. Without Prodigy, the group’s main M.C., the crew was comprised of Havoc (the other founding member,) in addition to Big Noyd, D.C. and The Alchemist (a top Hip Hop producer.) (more…)

What do million dollar speakers look like?

I guess it’s more important what they sound like! KEF, a high-end British audio manufacturer held an event last Thursday to introduce Muon, a limited edition set of speakers made out of “super-formed” aluminum. The six-foot tall, curved metallic monoliths were created by the famed Ross Lovegrove, who is part student of nature, part industrial […]

Aura Club and M-88

Last night I stopped by the soft opening of Aura, a new club located on the sixth floor of M-88 at 2-8 Wellington Street in Central. M-88 is an older building that was recently renovated and has sought to reinvent itself as an entertainment destination. The strategy behind re-branding the building ‘M-88′ is to make […]