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Vans Classics x Milk Magazine!

Hong Kong’s Milk Magazine celebrated their 12th anniversary with a special collaboration with Vans Classics. The duo held a launch event on Friday to showcase the release of two new signature models of Vans.


VANS x CLOT block party!

Sneakers, snacks, and sounds shook Causeway Bay last month as CLOT teamed up with VANS for the launch of the new Tribesmen Holiday collection. The two brands celebrated their collaboration with an event at JUICE in Causeway Bay that had all the trappings of a block party!

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Local band’s tribute to Beastie Boys’ MCA

Saturday night, Vans hosted a screening of the recent documentary No Room For Rockstars. The film was followed by a performance by local band Hardpack, who began their set with a cover of the Beastie Boy’s hit “Sabotage” in honor of MCA’s death last week. (more…)

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Vans Sk85ive2 indoor skatepark opens, and amazes!

If it weren’t for the stickers plastered strategically around the ancient freight elevator, you might assume that this non-descript industrial building in Kwun Tong was the wrong address for Hong Kong’s first indoor skatepark. Heading up to the seventh floor, the elevator opens to reveal an elegant wooden door that seems somewhat out of place. […]