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Boys Noize back at Volar – Saturday!

I was out of town the first time Boys Noize performed in Hong Kong. To this very day people are still talking about his set… and that was three years ago! Well, Boys Noize is finally back on Saturday, October 22nd at Volar. The superstar electronic music producer and DJ is known for his high-energy […]


Sinden returns to Volar!

Has it really been two years since Sinden last played in Hong Kong? The talented and prolific producer / remixer, is back spinning at Volar on Friday, October 7th. (more…)


Major Lazer’s Skerrit Bwoy returns!

Skerrit Bwoy’s first performance at Volar was truly legendary. At one point in the night, performing as hype-man for Diplo’s Major Lazer Tour, he climbed onto a water pipe and hung upside down from the ceiling while the crowd went wild. Known for whipping audiences into a frenzy, we’re excited to see what he does […]


Ed Banger’s DJ Feadz and Riton, Friday!

Although, somewhat lesser known than some of their Ed Banger labelmates, DJ Feadz and Riton are both talented DJs, producers, and scholars of dance music. Feadz is the one who discovered Uffie, putting together her hit “Pop The Glock”. His dense productions contain bits and pieces from earlier eras of dance music history. From obscure […]


¿uʍop ǝpısdn ɹɐןoʌ uɹnʇ oןdıp ןןıʍ

The last time dj / producer Diplo came to Hong Kong, it was while he was touring under his Major Lazer side-project. That legendary performance, which took place last July, peaked when his hypeman Skerrit Bwoy climbed the water pipes on the ceiling of Volar and dangled upside down, driving the crowd insane. (more…)

Boy 8-Bit at Volar tonight!

Friday, November 19th, England’s multi-talented Boy 8-Bit is hitting Volar. Though not yet a household name, this guy has produced some incredible songs and remixes. Boy 8-Bit is known not just for heavy beats, but also for his complex musical arrangements. He produces songs that are as melodic, as they are dance-floor friendly. Check out […]


ORO11 + Disco Shawn = Tormenta Tropical!

What if you could be transported to an underground club in Buenos Aires just for the night? On Friday, November 5th, you can have the next best thing, as D.J.s ORO11 and Disco Shawn seize control of the turntables at Volar! The duo, based in Los Angeles and San Francisco, are behind the Bursa Discos […]


And the best Halloween parties of 2010 are…

There are more and more nightlife choices in Hong Kong, which makes choosing a place to celebrate Halloween all the more difficult. Some clubs just go through the motions, not investing much thought into creating the right environment, while others plan elaborate decorations and entertainment. You don’t want to show up and be the only […]


Don’t miss 2manydjs at Volar, Saturday!

If you didn’t catch 2manydjs perform in Macau at the beginning of the year, you now have a chance to redeem yourself! The Belgian duo, made up of brothers Stephen and David Dewaele, play their own unique remixes of great dance songs, whipping the crowd into a frenzy by weaving Rock, Club, Indie, and 80′s […]


Lily + Bloom, swank and sultry above LKF

LKF Tower, which houses the LKF Hotel as well as popular spots Tazmania Ballroom, Azure, and Finds, has two new attractions. The recent additions, Lily and Bloom, opened by the people behind Volar and Halo, occupy an interesting two-level space. Lily, on the sixth floor, is primarily a lounge, while Bloom on the fifth level […]