D.J. Missill strikes Volar!

Volar continued its procession of international music talent last Thursday with the return of the charismatic d.j. Missill. DJ Missill rocking Hong Kong club…

fiddler violin improvisation with dj volar hong kong hk

Fiddler on the ?

All of a sudden I noticed some sort of commotion near the stage. A guy jumped up and there was a brief discussion with the d.j. The next thing I heard was the shrill sound of an instrument being tuned.

halo hong kong hk bar lounge face recognition

Face recognition at HALO – H.K.’s newest bouncer?

Imagine walking up to the newest hot-spot and instead of being greeted or (in some cases,) intimidated by the burly bouncer, you simply look into a small monitor tucked neatly into a wall. A computer instantly analyzes your face, and decides whether to authorize entry – thereby sliding the door open, or reject you.

John Acquaviva at Volar

D.J. John Acquaviva recently passed through town and played at Volar. His choice of songs were solid, but the beat was almost too constant…

Joachim Garraud at Volar

Last Thursday night I received a text message from one of Hong Kong’s top clubs, Volar, informing me that Jaochim Garraud would be performing…

World Cup Fever!

As a former British colony, in addition to inheriting a love of the Rolls Royce, Hong Kong inherited a love of “football” from the…

D.J. Krush at Volar

Last night Japan’s DJ Krush made an appearance in H.K. I’ve been hearing about this guy for at least ten years, and I was excited to check him out live. Krush just came out with a new album, so he must be touring to promote it.