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Tattooed “Zombie Boy” wows Mugler fashion show!

Nicola Formichetti, creative director of Thierry Mugler has found the ideal muse in Rick Genest, a man whose full-body tattoos transform him into a living skeleton. For a brand with a flair for theatrics and spectacle, the pairing with ‘Zombie Boy’ is a magical combination. Nicola Formichetti embedded Rick Genest in his latest campaign for […]

Inside a Hong Kong Rave Party!

Glow sticks? Check. Lollipops? Check. Saturday night, D.J. Dan and D.J. Falcon – who is associated with Daft Punk, swooped into Hong Kong for what most people referred to as a ‘rave party’. I’m o.k. with defining it as a rave as long as it meets the following criteria: it’s a large event held outside […]

Bvlgari show at the Western Market

I attended a Bvlgari event a few weeks ago. After the d.j. played for an hour, the fashion show commenced, followed by a party featuring the famous U.K. d.j. Judge Jules. The venue for the event is one of the few old buildings left in Hong Kong. It’s called the Western Market and it’s located […]