Cut & Paste design battle coming to H.K.!

cut and paste hong kong hk design contest

I received a message from Cut & Paste who are interested in locating Hong Kong’s talented young designers to compete in a unique tournament on November 10th. The Cut & Paste design competition is held only in eleven cities internationally.


The premise is to showcase designers making their creations live before a large audience. Judges from the design world rate the works and the crowd gets a chance to view the creative process in a party-type atmosphere. In New York, the designers did battle in front of over 1,000 people.

The design culture is somewhat different in Hong Kong and it may prove difficult to recruit talent for several reasons. Local designers might be afraid of losing their rep in front of others, plus many so called “designers” are used to copying, and may not feel confident trying to create something spontaneously. I’ll never forget the design event several years ago when Eric Haze came up and wrote his signature HAZE tag on a large canvas, and invited local artists to come up and sign their names as well. The first person who came up wrote HAZE! That’s how pathetically ingrained the copy mentality is in Hong Kong. Is the school system to blame?

The deadline for entry is July 17th. The event will take place on November 10th. It’s easy to enter, simply provide a link to several pieces of your work. For more information check out the Cut & Paste website.

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