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edwin watch store crows nest barber shop hong kong hk

Edwin Watch x Crows Nest Barber shop!

The opening of the combination Edwin Watch concept store and Crows Nest barber shop brought an overflow crowd to Causeway Bay’s Haven Street on Friday, July 10th. But more than just an interesting boutique, the dual-purpose store takes an innovative approach to overcoming Hong Kong’s high rent obstacle.

typhoon linfa hong kong hk cyclone

Typhoon Linfa – all talk and no action?

Well, that wasn’t much of a storm! But the lack of a torrential downpour and howling winds didn’t keep Typhoon Linfa from clearing out Causeway Bay. By 11:30pm, the normally crowded neighborhood was truly deserted with few pedestrians and even fewer vehicles on the road.

chinese new year fair hong kong flower market hk

Midnight, Chinese New Year Fair

This year we again braved the crowds at the Chinese New Year fair in Victoria Park. Although the fair takes place over several nights, the final night is when the place is at its most intense!

cobra snake hong kong hk hiking

Attacked by a cobra, 10 minutes from Causeway Bay!

Hiking a trail that runs behind the Rugby 7’s stadium, I suddenly heard a rustling sound next to my leg. Just as I stepped back, I heard a loud and sharp “SSSSSSSS!” almost as if something was spitting at me.

7-11 hk lkf lan kwai fong hong kong ruining 7-eleven

Is 7-Eleven ruining Lan Kwai Fong?

While 7-Eleven has had a presence in Lan Kwai Fong for many years, the newest location on D’Aguilar Street is positioned to compete directly with bars for alcohol sales. Is this fair?

litter cum recyclables bin hong kong hk recycling rubbish

Hong Kong’s, um, recycling bins, receive a new name

After years of head-scratching, sly remarks, and outright guffaws, Hong Kong’s provocatively Latin-named litter recycling bins have been given a new moniker. Patches of green tape have been placed over the offending three-letter word that made them somewhat scandalous.

cony brown line stickers pop up shop hk

Cony, Brown, LINE & the power of cute!

Those last few LINE messages you received were not in fact SPAM, but instructions on how to join a special pop-up store at Hysan Place. Much like the popularity of Angry Birds, cute characters found only in mobile apps are rapidly becoming stars in merchandising.

typhoon usagi hong kong hk causeway bay

Typhoon Usagi shuts down Causeway Bay!

With typhoon Usagi on the way, by 10:30 pm on Sunday night, nearly every store in Causeway Bay was closed. Walking around the district’s most crowded spots, from SOGO department store on Hennessy Road, to Times Square Shopping Mall, the area was a ghost town.

recycling container hong kong recycle hk used clothing

Clothing recycling made fun!

Does this colorful, interesting looking container catch your eye? Used clothing donation bins are getting more advanced!

7-11 7-eleven hong kong hk convenience store

What’s ‘so new’ at 7-Eleven?

Go to 7-Eleven enough and occasionally you’ll notice weird things. Stopping by the other day, there was an interesting sign that caught our attention.

paddle boats hong kong parkview hike trail

5 quick tips for hiking in H.K.!

If you’re not hiking in Hong Kong then you’re missing out on one of the true pleasures of living here. There are a huge variety of trails for all abilities spread throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, and the outlaying islands.

hong kong taxi drivers electric cars top 10

Top 10 reasons why Hong Kong taxi drivers suck

Hong Kong taxi drivers, love them or hate them (actually, mostly just dislike them). They’re not ALL bad, perhaps 50% are adequate. Here are a few of the reasons why they’re not popular.

club 7-11 seven eleven hong kong lkf lan kwai fong hk

‘Club 7-11’, Lan Kwai Fong, 3:43 am

Because drinks in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong nightlife area are pricey, students, young people, and the budget-conscious often congregate to pre-party outside of several 7-11 convenience stores situated in the neighborhood.

instagram facebook cushion pillow cny hk 2013 chinese new year fair

Instagram cushion? Facebook pillow? CNY Hong Kong 2013!

Each year we brave the masses at the Lunar New Year Flower Market in Victoria Park to check out the scene and see what items are especially popular or cute. As one would imagine, there was all sorts of snake-related merchandise, but the major standout this year were apps!

mtr hong kong hk subway train express crowded

Does Hong Kong need express trains?

Whereas the MTR was once a fast, convenient ride from main areas of the city, it has now become a cramped, and often unenjoyable way to travel.

so long my hong kong gregory kane short movie

“So Long, My Hong Kong” by Gregory Kane

Gregory Kane, a six year resident, now about to depart, made a short film ode to the city titled “So Long, My Hong Kong.” The film stars a collection of familiar, everyday scenes that make Hong Kong such a unique and charming place to live. Combining the imagery with a jazzy, 1960’s Fellini soundtrack, it becomes a magical swan song.

lunar new year fair victoria park hk cny

Trapped! CNY Fair, Victoria Park

At one point, with many of the aisles at a complete standstill, people continued to converge from every side. As the crowd piled up around me, I wiggled my arm free and was able to shoot a quick video to capture the insane sea of people.


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