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Lane Crawford, an international fashion powerhouse and one of Hong Kong’s top retailers, is launching a search for new talent. In a campaign titled “The Next New,” the company is seeking emerging brands, young designers, and creative collaborators.

The contest will include individuals from both Hong Kong and Mainland China, so the results should be interesting. The selected entrants get investment from Lane Crawford, as well as a chance to sell their goods alongside many of the world’s most fashionable brands during the Christmas and Chinese New Year season.

In total they will select thirty-eight finalists. According to their promotional video (viewable at the bottom of this post,) the categories include menswear, womenswear, home & accessories, food & gourmet, and artisan & craft.

Lane Crawford is an innovative retailer that remade itself from a stodgy department store in 2003, into one of the world’s most admired shopping environments with branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu.

One interesting note is that they are also interested in foods. At first glance, this wouldn’t seem to be a good fit, however, if you’ve attended any of Lane Crawford’s events, you will know that part of the attraction are the interesting snacks they serve – often from new hotspots around the city. So they do indeed have experience evaluating and working with food items.


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The popsicles were awesome!

It seem like it’s geared more towards drinks and snacks, as the rule states that products cannot require refrigeration, or need to be cooked. (It’s interesting to note that Lane Crawford was first founded as a biscuit maker for sailors in 1850!)


There are a number of rules to qualify, so please read the full instructions. In some cases you will also need for your design / product to be trademarked and to have a local company formed.

The competition is geared towards companies and creatives that have less than three years experience in the market. The process seems straight forward though there isn’t specific information about how the investment side will work.

Lane Crawford – an excellent launching pad

Partnering with Lane Crawford has numerous advantages: they have a powerful reach as a retailer; having your brand in their stores gives you exposure to some of the world’s most visible fashion trend setters.

Another major plus is that it will make it easier for you to get into additional markets if you have Lane Crawford’s stamp of approval.

Participants need to register at Lane Crawford The Next New before March 24th, 2016

Have a look at their website for more information. The details are listed under ‘Criteria’.

Lane Crawford – The Next New

Registration ends on March 24th, 2016

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The Next New," the company is seeking emerging brands, young designers, and creative collaborators." />