COMME des WHAT? SSUR x CLOT Gutter Store

ssur hong kong gutter store pop up hk russ karablin comme des clothing
SSUR selections fill the shelves at the Gutter Store pop-up

Streetwear luminary, Ruslan Karablin, the man behind the SSUR brand, recently visited Hong Kong to preside over the opening of the SSUR Gutter Store – a pop-up shop inside JUICE, Tsim Sha Tsui.

SSUR has been around since 1994 and continues to reinvent itself through several different sub-lines: Caviar Cartel, Comme des Fuckdown, and Channel Zero.

In the past, SSUR has distinguished itself from the pack by producing more artistic items such as sweaters featuring contemporary urban imagery and icons. However, somewhat in contrast, their recent lines, Comme des Fuckdown and Channel Zero are actually throwbacks to early 90’s streetwear. The two both have themes that are reminiscent of the streetwear pioneered by FUCT.

Comme des Fuckdown mimics the font and simplicity of Comme des Garcon, while Channel Zero is a take on Chanel. The act of tweaking popular, well-known logos with a slightly subversive, yet still highly consumable message, is a main characteristic of the birth of streetwear in the 1990’s.

(Fans of the recent Warhol exhibition in Hong Kong can grasp some of the artistic parallels.)

Likewise, as today’s nouveau streetwear has aspirations towards high fashion, items such as Comme des Fuckdown coach jackets are a retro streetwear look. (Anyone remember coach jackets from New York’s PNB?)

SSUR comes to Hong Kong

SSUR’s collaboration with Hong Kong’s CLOT was a smart move for several reasons: they are a good match for the brand’s image; they can generate press; they have their own distribution channels, as well as a pop-up store location via JUICE.

In brand-obsessed Hong Kong, the style and attitude of the SSUR lines have relevancy.

ssur comme des fuckdown channel zero pay me socks
Socks with a memorable quote from the movie Goodfellas!

The store opening drew a large crowd to the Tsim Sha Tsui location of JUICE.

SSUR clothing comme des fuckdown channel tshirt hat hong kong clot
The beginning of the long, long line to enter the SSUR Gutter Store

A small in-store event held for VIPs took place before the doors opened to the public. The special limited-edition merchandise included crossover hats, shirts, and special colorways of existing products.

SSUR hats commes des fuckdown channel zero clothing hong kong hk
“Caps for sale!”

Here’s a look at the scene inside the shop! (SSUR founder Russ is in center, next to Edison.)

A few days later, on February 6th, there was an after-party for the collaboration held at XXX in Sai Ying Pun. The night featured a performance by Edison, M.C. Yan, and Chef, along with a guest appearance by Fat Ken for a Cantonese version of Timex Social Club’s 80’s classic “Rumors”. Check out the video below!

Hong Kong actor Sam Lee, also known for his skills as a DJ, was the surprise guest of the night, playing a one-hour set.

ssur comme des fuckdown x clot brand clothing
Happy CNY from SSUR x Clot!

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