Miso Cool comes to Quarry Bay!



The gang behind upscale restaurant and top club, Dragon-i has opened a Japanese restaurant in Quarry Bay. The focus of the restaurant is on ramen and bento. The fact that Miso Cool is a restaurant and not a trendy lounge didn’t stop the cool crowd from showing up en masse for the opening. The sunglass-wearing mix of celebrities, socialites and party people was slightly disoriented, some seeing each other for the first time in daylight!

The mood at the restaurant was good and people sampled some of the restaurant’s offerings. A buffet including dumplings, tempura, and sushi was set up in addition to guests having bowls of ramen, one of the restaurant’s specialties. The space was medium sized, with a clean, sparse look.

Miso Cool (or Miso Coollll, as the place is branded,) is just across the street from One Island East, a stunning seventy-story skyscraper.


The neighborhood is filled with professional office buildings, high-rise housing and a major shopping center. The result should be a steady supply of customers.

If Miso Cool can parlay Dragon-i’s fine dining approach of quality ingredients and high standards into a more casual setting, the restaurant should be a success. While Hong Kong is already filled with Japanese restaurants, most of them are sub par.

Flower arrangements, a traditional good will gift at openings, lined both sides of the street on Thursday afternoon.


Miso Cool
G/F Shop SLGB-9A, Westlands Gardens
2-10 Westlands Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 8am-10pm
Sundays 9:30am – 10pm

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