CCTV: An urban art show



The Apostrophe gallery is back with a new urban art exhibition titled CCTV.

The show is based on the controversial topic of using cameras to monitor society and potentially prevent crime. (The theme is very timely as Hong Kong struggles with how to cope with a serial criminal who has thrown corrosive liquid down at shoppers on a busy pedestrian street.)

The exhibition highlights urban art from Italy and America including work by Geometric Bang, Matthew Rodriguez, Claudius Phaedrus, Doodles and DEM.

Texas based artist Matthew Rodriguez will be in town for the exhibition which takes place in an abandoned office space on Wyndham Street.

For a glimpse of Matthew Rodriguez’s work, check out his Flickr account.

The show runs from June 19th until July 3rd.

For more information about the Apostrophe Gallery or to RSVP for the opening, email May Wong at: [email protected]

CCTV: Urban Art Show
Fom June 19th until July 3rd
Room 2702
40-44 Wyndham Street


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