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2manydjs *tonight* + Disco Stepchild vs. Hype Nasty, Friday!

Volar has two exciting nights back-to-back. Thursday, it’s the dynamic duo from Belgium otherwise known as 2manydjs. These guys are famous for their creative remixes and amazing live shows. We’ve covered them before on multiple occasions, and they are a must see! Friday, it’s a showdown between Hype Nasty (featuring DJs Kid Fresh, Miss Yellow, […]

Drum N Bass legend LTJ Bukem *tonight* plus MTR on the 13th!

Magnetic Soul, Hong Kong’s Drum N Bass powerhouse has been running a series of parties in Macau. This Saturday, March 6th, they are bringing Drum and Bass legends LTJ Bukem and M.C. Conrad. These are two top, seasoned artists and you can be sure of an intense show. But don’t just believe me, check out […]


P.A.E. XI? Better bring your glowsticks!

Get ready to be transported back to a time of smart drinks and smoke machines! Friday’s installment of the monthly Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy party features two d.j.s with new mixes out that are heavily influenced by the early 90’s rave sound. DJ P.O.L. Style, based in Tokyo, and DJ Drafus Chow, a relocated New Yorker […]

Sh*t Disco at Volar!

After the Terry Richardson event on Friday night I headed over to Volar to check out a special d.j. set by Shit Disco, who I’ve been hearing good things about. Sure enough, the club side of Volar was packed and people were dancing in a frenzy! (more…)

“Trip Hop” music at Yumla?

For years I’ve joked around with one of my d.j. friends (pictured above) that he plays “Trip Hop“. The reason it’s funny is because it was a term used only very briefly in the nineties, before another, even more vague term, “Electronica,” was coined. When people use the term Trip Hop, it dates them. It […]

Lane Crawford’s Stella McCartney Party!

Thursday night I was invited to a party thrown by Hong Kong retailer Lane Crawford in honor of fashion designer Stella McCartney. Immediately the location of the event – an industrial building in Aberdeen, caught my eye. Aberdeen is sort of a wasteland in between wealthier, more modern enclaves on that side of the island. […]