Sh*t Disco at Volar!


After the Terry Richardson event on Friday night I headed over to Volar to check out a special d.j. set by Shit Disco, who I’ve been hearing good things about. Sure enough, the club side of Volar was packed and people were dancing in a frenzy!

Shit Disco are actually a group of four guys who met while studying in Glasgow, Scotland. They built up a following from their out of control house parties which often involved visits from the police! They’ve since branched out and have been creating their own music.


For the night, two of the members of Shit Disco were doing a special d.j. performance. Their formative years as house party d.j.s obviously taught them how to work a crowd. People were into the music and it was hard to get to the front of the stage.

While I was there they played contemporary dance music similar to the type of songs played by D.J. Drafus. In fact he opened for Shit Disco on Friday and when they took over the decks they mentioned that they were afraid to be a letdown after his set! Big up to Drafus who has been a pioneer of music and fashion in this city for a good eight years.

I didn’t stay the whole night, but from what I saw, Shit Disco were expertly working the dancefloor.


Volar continues to be on the forefront of bringing new musical talent to Hong Kong. With their anniversary coming up this month, they’ve grown into the top venue in town for cutting-edge international d.j.s.

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