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Apostrophe Gallery + G.O.D. present “Untitled Enemies”

“Untitled Enemies,” the new show by the Apostrophe Gallery, is opening up at The Peak Galleria this Wednesday. The exhibition includes work by a diverse group of artists including six from Hong Kong and seven from England, Australia and the U.S.. (There are a total of twenty-five contributors altogether!) The collection boasts a wide variety […]


CCTV: An urban art show

The Apostrophe gallery is back with a new urban art exhibition titled CCTV. The show is based on the controversial topic of using cameras to monitor society and potentially prevent crime. (The theme is very timely as Hong Kong struggles with how to cope with a serial criminal who has thrown corrosive liquid down at […]


Draw Your Heart Out! Street Art

From March 19th to April 2nd, Hong Kong’s Apostrophe Gallery is hosting a show titled Draw Your Heart Out showcasing three foreign street artists. The featured artists include Doodles from the U.S., Geometric Bang from Italy, and Mathias Malling Mortensen from Denmark. An opening night event will be held at Racks MDB on Thursday, March […]