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Cruelty to (stuffed) animals?

Dismembering a Teddy bear – or remixing it? Jun Takahashi is half performance artist and half mad scientist when it comes to creating his dolls. He frequently spins around inspecting his handiwork and the placement of furry material. Sometimes he picks up whole sections and starts rapidly sewing with long pulls of the thread. Saturday […]


Close Encounters of the Grace Kind?

He’s baaack! Celebrated Japanese fashion designer Jun Takahashi will be in Hong Kong for the opening of a photography exhibition that also highlights the Spring Summer 09 Undercover collection. What’s a Grace? The last event Jun Takahashi presided over in Hong Kong featured a live puppet performance. You can read about that event here. It […]


Make way Jim Henson… here comes Jun Takahashi?

Noted Japanese clothing designer Jun Takahashi, co-founder of the revered brand Undercover was in town recently to celebrate the third anniversary of his Hong Kong store. The event, billed as “The Sound and the Fury,” perhaps should have been titled, “The Sound and the Furry”! Glancing at the invitation for the night, there was a […]