Gagosian challenges H.K.’s lack of sculpture


John Chamberlain, Piquanteagle, 2009

The fact that Hong Kong’s art galleries are often as pressed for space as the city’s apartments, has resulted in few inspiring sculpture exhibitions. On Friday, March 23rd, the Gagosian Gallery will be flouting that curse, bringing Hong Kong a group show featuring works by contemporary artists John Chamberlain, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, and Franz West.

Aside from the Gagosian Gallery’s show, perhaps Hong Kong will have a permanent venue for large-scale works of art once the West Kowloon museum opens its doors.

The Gagosian Gallery’s sculpture show runs from March 23rd until April 28th, 2012.


Sculpture: featuring John Chamberlain, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, and Franz West
Gagosian Gallery
7F, Pedder Buidling
12 Pedder Street
Central, Hong Kong


  • I really don’t like their gallery – they are not doing anything that exciting, and they are condescending to the Asian culture. We are not so isolated and unsophisticated a market. Also, other galleries have brought big sculptures to HK. There is an amazing one by Ron Arad – it is huge map of China – 4 meters high – made out of high polish stainless steel. Very Cool – and more contemporary.

  • Hi Justin, I’m curious what made you say that the gallery is “condescending to the Asian culture”? I haven’t found that to be the case. While I haven’t liked all of their shows, the Zeng Fanzhi show was particularly good. The way I see the gallery is that they are bringing an international level of artist to Hong Kong that few galleries can match.

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