Miggy Cheng solo show at Kapok



Kapok, the quirky boutique that carries everything from Kitsune music and candles to Japanese art books, has hosted a steady stream of art and cultural events since its inception in 2006. Tucked away on sleepy Dragon Road in Tin Hau (close to Victoria Park,) it’s relocating to St. Francis Yard near Star Street after July. But before they move to their new digs, they’re having one final exhibit.

“I Found It at the End of the Rainbow” is the result of five years worth of thoughts, travels and collaborations by Miggy Cheng. The works include everything from fashion to poetry in her first solo show.

The artist’s statement about the exhibition is as follows: “There are thousands of reasons to leave home. To follow one’s dream, to celebrate a beginning or an end; to spend precious time with friends and family, or equally valued time with oneself. This exhibition is a dedication to all those who have ever wondered or dared to seek personal fulfillment at the end of the rainbow.”

The show opens Sunday, June 15th and is on until July 9th.

Have a look at the Kapok boutique blog for more information!

Kapok address (moving to St. Francis Yard near Star St. in Wanchai after July):
9 Dragon Road
Tin Hau, Hong Kong
852 2549-9254

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