Eddie Borgo’s beetlemania dazzles Lane Crawford!

eddie borgo jewelry lane crawford hong kong hk
Eddie Borgo poses with Rosemary
eddie borgo jewelry lane crawford hong kong hk
Eddie Borgo poses with Rosemary

Jewelry designer Eddie Borgo and Lane Crawford are a great match, both occupying the same intersection of contemporary fashion and luxury.

The New York designer, who has a background in art, creates pieces that mix geometric patterns with ancient symbols to produce something exciting and avant-garde.

Browsing his collection, Eddie Borgo essentially makes conversation pieces. His jewelry designs aren’t subtle works, so much as they are statements of individuality.

eddie borgo beetle scarab necklace brooch bracelet jewellery
Eddie Borgo’s beetle bracelet and necklace

The collection’s bracelets, rings, necklaces and combination pieces show ingenuity, vision, and craftsmanship.

Glancing over multiple displays at Lane Crawford’s meet-the-designer event on Wednesday, there was nothing boring to be found. Even simple geometric forms were rendered unconventional due to the choice of materials and colors.

eddie borgo bracelet lane crawford china

eddie borgo jewelry collection necklace

The scarab, an ancient Egyptian symbol, was utilized in new forms and could be found dangling from several of the celebrities in attendance.

eddie borgo necklace jewelry bracelet hong kong hk
The new collection featured several modern takes on Egyptian scarabs

There were many highlights, but unfortunately the jewelry proved difficult to photograph due to the display cases and lighting.

eddie borgo necklace lane crawford hong kong
This necklace in particular was a stunner!

The 18 karat gold collection, based on several of his classic works, were a standout, but innovation and beauty could be found in many of the pieces on display.

eddie borgo 18k 18 karat gold bracelet collection
The gold bracelets would make Wonder Woman jealous!

The designer was very friendly and stood around chatting amicably with guests about his designs. The intimate meet and greet was well-attended, filling up the jewellery section of Lane Crawford.

eddie borgo jewelry designer jewellery

eddie borgo lane crawford hong kong beijing shanghai china

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