Confession: I was worst dressed at the Joyrich opening!



There’s something to be said about standing out at a party where everyone’s goal is to be noticed. However, at Saturday’s Joyrich Hong Kong store opening, I stood out for all the wrong reasons.

I didn’t fall down the stairs, or walk into a glass door, or do anything overtly embarrassing, I just wore the wrong clothes.

I could have easily been one of the best-dressed, but at the last minute I decided to go conservative, which was a fatal mistake.

Joyrich, established in 2007, is based in Los Angeles, and is known for colorful graphic prints, bold art collaborations (recently with the estate of Keith Haring,) as well as clothing that features Disney and The Simpsons characters. The brand is popular with K-Pop singers and new-school Hip Hop stars.

Pieces from the Keith Haring collection, downstairs
Eye-catching prints were everywhere you looked!
The collections are very strong visually, which perhaps reflects the creative director’s background in graphic design

Saturday’s crowd was overwhelmingly attired in head-to-toe Joyrich outfits or similar looks. Wearing what should be adequate attire for most occasions – a pair of jeans and a simple shirt, made me an obvious outsider at the opening.

Hong Kong fashion newcomers!

The last few events have proved that there’s been a changing of the guard in the fashion scene. The normal faces who have populated parties over the years were nowhere to be found. The demographic that flocks to the mainstream brands likewise didn’t even make an appearance.

Packing the shop and congregating on the sidewalk outside were dozens of the city’s new fashion vanguard.

The world they inhabit is very different from previous generations. Plugged in to the ever-quickening zeitgeist of global trends, and skilled at cultivating an image over Instagram, they have different fashion ambitions and heroes.

Saturday night, the guests were in full peacock mode. Joyrich designer and creative director, David Melgar looked on as attendees streamed into the shop wearing many of his creations.

The entertainment for the night, Mademoiselle Yulia, a Japanese DJ and singer, captivated the guests with her style, as much as with her music.

Mademoiselle Yulia played an impressive set and sang a few songs – which was a surprise!

The Joyrich brand takes its direction from a mixture of sources with heavy inspiration coming from Hip Hop culture. The designers seem to pick and choose at liberty from different eras, taking 1950’s iconography here, an 80’s style leather jacket there, and a 90’s trend in another item.

The collection is graphic design heavy and includes remixes of common sports logos, but done well, with good color choices. The aesthetic is a continuation of a trend that’s been around since the early days of Los Angeles street wear in the 90’s with pioneers such as FUCT.

For a feel of what the opening was like, (and why I stood out!) check out the video!


Joyrich Hong Kong store address:

43 Gough Street (below the corner of Hollywood Road and Aberdeen Street)
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

The Joyrich store is located on Gough Street, in the middle of the block
You ain’t tried nothin’ til you had a Joyrich cupcake!

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