The DevilCLOT shop opens!

edison chen photo hong kong hk clot

edison chen photo hong kong hk clot

Last week I stopped by the opening of the new DevilCLOT store in Soho. It’s a temporary boutique, only open for a month and a half, until the end of December. (For more background info, please see my previous post here.)

Endo from Devilock was in the house, along with Edison from CLOT, and Madsaki (pictured above from left to right).

Earlier in the day I had passed by and watched through the window as they applied the finishing touches.


The concept of the shop was to create a space utilizing local, well known materials. Madsaki, one of CLOT’s frequent design collaborators conceptualized the interior.

I understood the concept as soon as I walked in. The large empty metal cans of cooking oil, the long fluorescent light bulbs, and other miscellaneous items are all debris that you might find in an alleyway, cast off to the side. Neon lights designed by Madsaki bathed the shop up in a familiar Hong Kong glow.


For me the place had an instant charm to it. The clothes are displayed hanging from bamboo scaffolding, which can be seen throughout the city on buildings being constructed or undergoing renovation.

Music for the event was provided by DJ Tommy.


One notable feature of the space is the large bar that was well stocked with Hennessy, who is one of the partners in the shop. Pavlos from CLOT, who helped construct the place, pointed out to me that the bar was built of multiple layers of cardboard! The over-flow crowd who filled the shop included music and film stars as well as fashion heads.


A few days after the opening I already began to see signs of the shop’s success. Walking past at around 4 am on Saturday and Sunday morning, I saw a line of trendily dressed youths slumped against the escalator, waiting for the store to open the next day to purchase limited edition Devilclot items!


The address of DevilCLOT is: Shop A, Upper Ground Floor, No.30 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong. It’s located on the corner of Shelley Street and Hollywood Road.

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