Daul Kim spotted in Hong Kong!


I was walking to the MTR on Saturday afternoon, when for some reason I looked up at the massive billboard above H&M‘s flagship store on Queens Road. To my surprise I saw a familiar face – Daul Kim!

After a brief stint modeling in Hong Kong several years ago, Daul moved to Korea where her career sky-rocketed. Since then she’s made the jump to international status and is now a favorite of Chanel and a fixture of top tier fashion shows in Paris, New York, Milan and London.

Into painting, drawing and film, you can read her thoughts and check out some of Daul’s work on her blog, I Like To Fork Myself.

A total cult movie buff, we have a strange knack for loving the same weird movies. You can search YouTube to check out some of her own short-film creations.

It’s great to see a friend’s career take off. She got to where she is today through hard work and navigating an exhausting schedule. Way to go Daul!

For more info about Daul and to see photos from her shows, check out her profiles at New York Magazine and Style.com.


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