Wanchai’s sweetest temptation?


Love at first bite! The signature Sift chocolate cake.

Sift, my favorite dessert bar in Hong Kong, just opened a new branch in Wanchai. Located on Queens Road East between Pacific Place Three and the Hopewell Centre, the new location focuses on take-away treats, offering a wide variety of delicacies.

Stepping into the shop and gazing at the scrumptious selections, the display was almost too much to handle! Though not hungry, I definitely wasn’t leaving empty handed!

Unlike Sift in Soho, which features tables, a dine-in bar and outdoor seating, the Wanchai Sift Patisserie is strictly take-away.


Entering the shop, patrons are greeted with two counters overflowing with desserts of all shapes and sizes. Like its counterpart in Soho, the desserts are a mix between the familiar and the avant garde.

[photopress:Sift_desserts_Hong_Kong.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Sift_cupcake_Hong_Kong.jpg,full,pp_image]

(photos from Sift dessert bar Soho)

On top of their great taste, the presentation of the desserts is impeccable. My only problem on the day I stopped in was that all of them looked good! I ended up selecting two of the smallest snacks, though the elegant packaging made me feel like I was receiving something truly special!

Sift Dessert Bar Soho

Sift in Soho is an experience in itself. I’ve described it to friends as the equivalent of eating a fresh, hand-crafted candy bar! Why hasn’t Sift been featured on Hong Kong Hustle before? Because I’m selfish, and the place is already crowded! The last thing I want is for Sift to get too full, to the point where I can’t get a table.


I wish there were more spots like Sift in Soho. It’s one of the only places that features a unique menu and consistent quality. I also like the fact that the friendly owner is often there, a contrast to the other restaurants in Soho which are sort of cold, money-making operations run by outsiders. Sift fits the original spirit and personality of the Soho neighborhood, which has now sadly mostly vanished.

Have a look at the full line of Sift desserts and get more information about ordering from the Sift website. To check out their cool custom creations, have a look at Sift founder Jennifer Cheung’s excellent blog. (But be forewarned! There are dozens of photos of tantalizing desserts!)

Highly recommended!

Sift Patisserie Wanchai (take-away desserts)
G/F, 51 Queens Road East

Sift Dessert Bar Soho
G/F, 46 Graham Street

Sift Patisserie
22/F, Unit 17-19, Horizon Plaza
Ap Lei Chau


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