A quick guide to Hong Kong’s Korean grocery stores!

korean food market hk grocery store hong kong
A new kid on the block!
korean grocery store food market mart hong kong hk
Boxes of soju and Korean beer are stacked outside the store exterior

Finding Korean grocery stores in Hong Kong isn’t easy. For years there have only been a handful, and they remain mostly relegated to a small side street in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Recently, due to the popularity of Korean music, films, and TV dramas, Korean food has been gaining visibility around the city. In addition to small snack stalls, food court shops, and eat-in restaurants, there are now also fast-food options.

But what happens if you’d like to cook your own Korean food? Aside from small offerings at City Super, Aeon, Jusco, and other local supermarket chains, it’s hard to find grocery stores that stock a good range of Korean products.

Korean grocery stores, Tsim Sha Tsui

Exploring the Korean food markets in Tsim Sha Tsui opens up a whole new world of possibilities to intrepid cooks. The several shops found in TST offer fresh produce, seasonings, drinks, soju, beer, frozen foods, pre-made side-dishes, dumplings, snacks, candies, ice cream, and even household products.

Now, in addition to Kimberly Street, (not Kimberly Road,) there are a few shops that have opened up along Austin Avenue, amidst a large number of Korean restaurants.

Getting there:

The epicenter of Korean grocery stores is still Kimberley Street in Tsim Sha Tsui.

There are several ways to enter Kimberly Street, but it still doesn’t get much pedestrian traffic. It runs parallel to, and is sandwiched between Granville Road and Kimberly Road. There is also an entrance near 33 Granville Road, and a few staircases that lead down to it from Kimberly Road.

The main entrance to Kimberley Street is at the intersection with Carnavon Road. If you stand in back of The One shopping mall, Kimberley Street is just across the street.

korean food market hk hong kong supermarket address
Walk along Carnavon Road and take a right onto Kimberly Street, just after Granville Road

The Korean Food Mart is located at 5 Kimberly Street and has been around since 1995! They even have an online Korean grocery store here.

korean food market location hong kong hk tsim sha tsui
One of the older markets on the street!

This one sells fresh side-dishes:

korean food kimchi supermarket jinmi shop hk hong kong
Fresh side dishes and kimchi galore!

You can also arrive at Kimberley Street by walking onto Shun Yee Street at the intersection with 33 Granville Road.

granville road tsim sha tsui shun yee street
You’re almost there!

This newer Korean food market is located at 22 Kimberley Street.

korean food market hk grocery store hong kong
A new kid on the block!

There’s another entrance to Kimberly Street at Observatory Road next to an Audi dealer and a motorcycle parking area.

Kimberley street tsim sha tsui k town tst kimberly
Kimberley Street empties out onto Observatory Road

Beyond Kimberly Street, there are a few Korean food markets now located on Austin Avenue. Nearby, you’ll also find around eight Korean restaurants of varying degrees of authenticity.

austin avenue korean food tsim sha tsui
This one is located at 17 Austin Avenue
korean supermarket austin ave avenue tst tsim sha tsui
Supermarkets are always pressed for space in Hong Kong!

Worth a visit!

It’s easy to get to Kimberley Street and Austin Avenue by MTR. From the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, take Exit B1 and walk up Nathan Road to The One. From there, walk down Granville Road, and turn up Carnavon Road just in back of The One. You will find the entrance to Kimberley Street on the right.



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