Mongkok’s Graffiti Wall of Fame!

graffiti wall of fame mongkok hong kong kowloon hk
mongkok graffiti hall wall of fame hk street art
The wall of fame is home to a diverse range of styles

Hidden from the bustling pedestrian traffic along Mongkok’s Argyle Street is a secret alleyway filled with extraordinary graffiti pieces. Running for about two blocks long, and nicknamed the graffiti wall of fame, it provides a unique walking tour of Hong Kong street art.

The level of quality and consistency of the artwork is very good. Despite the large number of works, you will see few pieces of lesser skill on the walls.

The lettering ranges from the abstract, to easily legible graffiti.

graffiti in mongkok luen wan street hk

abstract wildstyle graffiti hong kong hk china

wildstyle graffiti hk hong kong
Wildstyle lettering!
graffiti hong kong street art alley mongkok
While some are hard to decipher, others are easy to read
I guess graffiti ISN'T dead!
I guess graffiti ISN’T dead!

A few of the pieces also include interesting characters.

girl graffiti artist hong kong hk china

hong kong street art walk mongkok kowloon

graffiti character hk hong kong

Several of the pieces have a direct lineage to famous pieces from graffiti’s early days, while others are totally original in concept and style.

graffiti wall of fame mongkok argyle street hk

Getting there:

Take the Red (Tseun Wan) MTR line to Mongkok station, and then take Exit D2 onto Argyle Street. Next walk East towards the East Rail Line overpass. Cross Sai Yee Street, and keep walking East towards the overpass. Just as you pass the Argyle Street Waterworks Depot (at 111 Argyle Street,) you will see this sign, and the entrance to an alley will be on your left.

graffiti wall of fame hong kong hk
Stop here! You are now at the entrance to the Graffiti Wall of Fame!
location mongkok graffiti wall of fame hong kong hk
The graffiti wall isn’t apparent just by looking into the alleyway

Take the left into the alley, and walk along for half a block until the graffiti wall begins.

There is an exit on the other end that lets you out onto Bute Street / Luen Wan Street. It’s not a long walk, and it’s filled with colorful graffiti art and some street art posters as well.

Since the alleyway runs between Argyle Street and Bute Street, you can actually enter through either direction.

bute street luen wan street address graffiti wall of fame
The Bute Street / Luen Wan Street entrance to the Graffiti Wall of Fame

To give you a general vicinity, it’s just a few blocks away from Sincere House, the mobile phone shopping center. It’s also not far from the Flower Market in Prince Edward.

The alley contains artwork by both local and foreign artists.

Quick summary: A fun, alternative art walk to visit while in Mongkok. It’s also kid-friendly, for the more adventurous parents!


Hong Kong Graffiti Wall Of Fame
111 Argyle Street (look for the narrow alley just after this address. Follow directions above!)
Mongkok, Kowloon


  • This is such an awesome find, especially when the graffiti is in the heart of the city.

    10 years ago you’d see more, but its great to know it hasn’t completely disappeared!

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