Chinese New Year… coming soon!


All around Hong Kong you can see Chinese New Year decorations being put up. I was walking through Victoria Park yesterday when I saw this special New Year display being assembled. But what’s with the two headless characters?

This is the large installation that anchors the Tin Hau side of the massive Causeway Bay Chinese New Year market that I’ve written about previously. Click here to check out my extensive coverage of last year’s market.

Here’s what the market space looks like completely empty:


We’re heading into year of the rat! Next to one of the headless characters was a huge rat head that must fit on top.


Perhaps there will be two rats, who knows? On closer inspection, I noticed something under one of the rats.


Peering down to take a look, I found this little guy curled up taking a nap! Man, he’s just asking for it, taking a nap under a gigantic rat!


Chinese New Year begins on February 7th this year. Check back for more coverage!

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