Harbor-front Observation Deck Reopens!

Which way to look? Lights shoot out from both directions!

Closed for renovations for about a year, the harbor-front observation deck in Tsim Sha Tsui recently reopened. The structure is a one-story high elevated walkway located directly in front of the Cultural Center. It offers unobstructed views of Hong Kong Island’s breathtaking skyline directly across the harbor.

I happened to be early to meet a friend for dinner, so after disembarking from the Star Ferry I walked one block to the observation deck. It was exactly eight o’clock, time for the daily “Symphony of Lights” show. I hung back and watched as the tourists jockeyed for position to photograph the spectacle. The display consists of thirty-three different buildings flashing their lights in time to music with narration. Several of the buildings have elaborate colored lights, spotlights and lasers, which makes it more interesting. The real stars however are the buildings themselves, so any time of day the observation deck is a worth a visit.

Tourists checking out the view and the light show...