Clothing recycling made fun!

recycling container hong kong recycle hk used clothing
Below is a link to the containers in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories
used clothing recycling container bin hong kong hk
This container collects used clothes in addition to CDs and printer cartridges

Does this colorful, interesting looking container catch your eye? Several years ago we wrote about Hong Kong’s used clothing recycling program, and stumbling across this next-generation container shows that the movement continues to advance.

One interesting feature of this ‘recycle train’ container is that it is segmented into a multi-purpose collection box. By compartmentalizing the container itself, it brings added efficiency by pre-sorting the donations, thereby freeing the workers from that task.

recycle program hong kong hk recycling points drop off address location
Each type of donation has its own special door

Instead of just throwing away old clothes we no longer use, this is an option that might help someone in need.

recycling container hong kong recycle hk used clothing
The collection bins are eye-catching!

The fun, colorful, kid-friendly containers also provide a great way to enlist the young, and teach them about recycling.

By making it enjoyable for children to participate, it helps train them to integrate recycling into their lives and gets them thinking about the concept as they mature. It’s a major win for Hong Kong and a smart way to invest in the future of our city.

Let’s hope that this type of progressive urban planning begins to take hold in other areas of Hong Kong as well.

recycle train hong kong hk used clothing
It looks like a train, but it also helps to ‘train’ people to recycle!

Here’s a link to the clothing recycling drop-off locations in Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories.

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