California Love? Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre pack Volar!

kendrick lamar hk hong kong beats by dr dre club volar
Kendrick Lamar in the midst of his energetic set!
kendrick lamar hk hong kong beats by dr dre club volar
Kendrick Lamar in the midst of his energetic performance

The Kendrick Lamar set organized by Beats by Dre at Volar on Wednesday night was so packed, that if you put your hands up, you literally couldn’t put them down again! This echoed the last time that Dr. Dre appeared in Hong Kong at Dragon-i along with Snoop Dogg in 2011.

Dr. Dre made an appearance on Wednesday as well, but the focus of the night was California’s new Hip Hop star, Kendrick Lamar.

Just getting into Volar was a major feat. Outside the club there was a mass of at least fifty people all trying to maneuver their way in.

kendrick lamar china hong kong beats by dre headphone hk volar
A massive crowd surrounds the entrance to Volar!

Entering the basement club, things weren’t much less hectic!

beats by dre dr hong kong kendrick lamar hk volar club hip hop live
Volar’s main room was packed all the way to the back!

In front of the stage, the crowd waited practically cheek-to-cheek through several DJs before Kendrick Lamar came on and went through a tight set of his recent hits. The partygoers knew his lyrics and sang along to Backseat Freestyle, Swimming Pools (Drank) and Don’t Kill My Vibe.

Check out Kendrick Lamar perform in the video below!

Beijing’s DJ Wordy came on afterwords and kept the party rocking.

dj wordy china beijing dmc champion 3x
DJ Wordy, China’s D.M.C. champ on the wheels!

The newly renovated Volar is off to a strong start since it’s reopening last week. Both rooms have new lighting systems and improved seating.

kendrick lamar hk beats by dre hong kong headphones club volar
The view towards the DJ booth in Volar’s main room

Thanks again to Beats by Dr. Dre for a fun event!

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