Legendary Body & Soul dancers at Dragon-i

dragon-i body and soul dancer

On my way home from Halo and Volar, I walked by Dragon-i at around 5:00 am, and to my surprise, the club was still open. I had forgotten that Saturday night featured the legendary dancers from Body & Soul, a top New York club night hosted by heavyweight d.j.s, Francois K., Danny Krivit, and Joaquin “Joe” Claussell. I decided to go in for a look.

Despite the dwindling crowd, the Body & Soul dancers were still going strong. The opposite of most guest dancers, these people weren’t putting on a show, they were channeling the music as they danced uninhibited around the club. Every surface in the room suddenly became worked into their movement, from the floor to the table tops.


Dragon-i clubgoers are familiar with the sounds behind Body & Soul. Music lover and owner Gilbert Yeung has booked the three famous d.j.s to play at Dragon-i on several occasions. Body & Soul, which has thrived for over ten years, is a revered place for people of all backgrounds and ages to get together and dance. It’s not about glamor or being seen, but about the transformation of ‘body and soul’ that takes place through music and dance.


Saturday night the dancers brought that egalitarian vibe to Dragon-i and kept it going until the d.j. played the very last song.

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  • it was an awsome night !! the djs were just so good that everybody was on the dancefloor..
    i came after the Puma party at sugar and left at 4.30 …

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