Disco Step Child thrills Volar!


Saturday night was the latest installment of Disco Step Child. The monthly night that normally combines a mixture of musical treats from djs Drafus and Ben Ku, had a special guest – The Prawn from Uptown Rockers. Club Volar regulars who were still recovering from 2 Many DJs performance on Thursday night didn’t get any rest. Playing dance-floor killing cuts from start to finish, it was as if the trio had their hands on the turntables and one foot locked on the accelerator!


Inspired by the up-tempo set, the club was liver than usual. The d.j.s played party-rocking electro-rock and dabbled in other contemporary sounds.


A few old friends could be spotted on the crowded dance floor.


Nissa and Fa great to have you back!

Be sure to check the Upcoming Events section for the next edition of Disco Step Child!

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