Cumbia music? In H.K.? I’m curious!


Cumbia music is a bit like African Kuduro or Brasilian Funk music. They take earthy, low-tech musical bits, such as Latin accordion or guitar samples, chop them up and add heavy percussion. The result is a very dancefloor friendly genre!

Need an example?

There appears to be great diversity even within new Cumbia music. Some songs sound like an evolution of Reggaeton. Others offer simple blends of Latin classics meshed with the latest Hip Hop and R&B beats from the U.S. Still more offer an electronic sound, and produce Techno / Electro / or abstract creations. (Perhaps this stratification relates to differences in musical taste within the Spanish speaking diaspora?)

Argentina is a hot bed of Cumbia. The Zizek club in Buenos Aires is a melting pot where different varieties of Cumbia are blended with other forms of dance music by resident d.j.s such as Villa Diamante, El Remolon and El G. The club recently gave birth to the ZZK Record label which showcases the new mash-up sounds.

You can hear different varieties of Cumbia in the videos below.

First up is a mix from the ZZK crew:

Here’s one you might recognize! A Lil’ Wayne Cumbia remix!

And one more taken from a party called The Rumble. Skip to the two minute mark to check out the scene at prime time!

Thursday’s an opportunity to catch a sample of the Cumbia sound in person at Yumla!


DJ Annita Cumbia Selecta
Supported by DJ’s Kid Fresh and Enso from Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy spinning Dancehall, Brasilian Funk and Bass music
Thursday, February 26th, 2009
Lower Basement, 79 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong

10 pm until 2 am


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