Rock Candy – Back In Black!


If archaeologists were to dig up the latest collection of jewelry by Hong Kong’s bad-boy diamond brand Rock Candy, what would they think?

With necklaces and rings modeled after turntables, headphones and records, perhaps they’d believe we were a society of music worshipers!


The remainder of the large collection is rounded out with classic objects-de-cool such as diamond encrusted skulls, dog tags, thunderbolts, and robots.


The collection is impressive as it is large. Certain items are available in both gold and sterling silver settings. Frequently, a particular piece is offered in both ring and earring or bracelet and necklace forms. Details such as a moving platter on the tiny turntable, make the designs both intricate and fun.

Also new for this season is a medium-sized Rock Candy clothing line featuring designs for both men and women.


The foray stays close to home with themes that are tied to the jewelry.

[photopress:Rock_Candy_clothing_Hong_Ko.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Rock_Candy_Hong_Kong_HK.jpg,full,pp_image]

Here again, there is good attention to detail and small touches that play on music iconography. Altogether, the line is tight for an initial collection.

The turnout for the Back In Black launch was as star-studded as expected for a brand that counts models, d.j.s and socialites among their close friends. The party-goers spilled out onto the street, taking over the block and giving a little more glamor to the nearby ‘dai pai dong’ food stalls nestled against the slight hill.

[photopress:Rock_Candy_jewelry_Hong_Kon.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Rock_Candy_store_Hong_Kong_.jpg,full,pp_image]

The Back In Black collection should prove that Rock Candy is no one-off jewelry design company, but a force to be reckoned with in the super-niche of diamond brands with attitude.

Have a look back over three years ago at the launch of Rock Candy.

Rock Candy
1 Elgin Street (just above the intersection of Elgin Street and Hollywood Road)
Soho, Central
Hong Kong


  • Hey, hope you managed to enjoy a few Rock Candy Beers! Thanks for the write up and pics. We have many other things in the pipeline for products and projects that we will be rolling out more consistently over the next year that we will keep you updated on.



  • yo…u were right about the street!!! damn there were loads of people! Now i know what u guys were talking about!! great job….the first rock candy t-shirt just arrived in Germany….

    all the best ,


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