Lovefoxxx from C.S.S. at Volar!



Last weekend was a busy one at Volar. On Friday night the club hosted a special surprise performance by DJ Steve Aoki, following his set the previous night at Adidas’ 60th anniversary.

Saturday also featured an international guest, Lovefoxxx, the lead singer, and fashion trend-setter from the Brazilian band C.S.S.

Saturday’s performance by Lovefoxxx was a crowd pleaser, despite her unconventional choice of music, and her mish-mash approach. Whether it was the eclectic songs, the cult of CSS, or something else, the dance floor was crowded with people, more enthusiastic than I’ve seen in a while.


During one point in the night, Lovefoxxx even came to the front of the stage and sang! It was an unexpected treat for her many fans in the audience. Though she seemed to struggle occasionally with the equipment, the forgiving crowd kept dancing along.


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