Carsick Cars for Converse!

Beijing band Carsick Cars song
Carsick Cars have toured with Sonic Youth and played at SXSW
carsick cars band china beijing hong kong converse hk sneakers
Carsick Cars lead singer in the midst of a blistering set!

Beijing band Carsick Cars wowed the audience at a small Converse event for their Fall 2013 collection last Friday. The site of the press show was a live music space called Beatingheart, hidden deep in Sai Ying Pun.

The night featured strong sets by local Hong Kong band Ni.Ne.Mo and The Wavves from the U.S., but the highlight of the night, was the Carsick Cars set. The Beijing-based group played an excellent, mostly uptempo mix of catchy Rock matched by powerful guitars and singing. The music was a perfect fit for a Friday night show.

Beijing band Carsick Cars song
Carsick Cars have toured with Sonic Youth and played at SXSW!

A quick side note to bands: all too often at events in Hong Kong you hear bands performing slow songs – why?! We’re not your fans and we don’t know your music, we’re coming to Rock out and this is your one shot to impress us. Don’t bother with the slow music in your set at a party! It doesn’t belong!

From Beijing with Music!

It’s exciting to see fashion brands finally starting to bring musical acts from Mainland China to Hong Kong. In the past there have been very few events that tapped China’s talent. Let’s hope that this is the start of a continuing trend.

Congrats Converse on a fun event! The style of music and venue perfectly matched the campaign. Looking forward to more in the near future!

Converse sneakers hong kong hk china store
The sign leads the way to the semi-secret venue…

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