What do djs and superheroes have in common?



Cool names! If you don’t have a cool name, you’re lacking a certain level of creativity, showmanship and panache.

Batman didn’t run around calling himself Bruce Wayne. Spiderman didn’t go by Peter Parker. The Hulk didn’t jump around destroying stuff as David Banner. You actually think they did it for privacy reasons?

No way! It’s because a cool name adds mystique. (O.K., plus it helps them maintain their duality and anonymity.)

The best names are evocative and bring to mind some sort of distinct imagery. Le Castle Vania is an example of a good d.j. name. We’re already thinking weird, fun and spooky – just by the time we hear the name. I like the “Le” too, it adds a touch of French sophistication / absurdity to the whole thing.

There’s nothing more boring than hearing a d.j. who uses their real name. Like what, when we hear your average name that’s supposed to be cool? Take some time and come up with something interesting. The only people that can get away with using their given names are those with already strange or iconic names.

A good d.j. name should conjure up an alter-ego, and the persona should be more exciting than your real-life self.

Part of me wants to catch Le Castle Vania spin at Volar on Friday night just because of his name. (From what I can tell from his remixes, his music is a blend of Justice-style dirty Electro.)

A name is an important part of branding. If it works for superheroes, it can work for d.j.s too!

Le Castle Vania
Friday, July 17th, 2009
Basement, 38-44 D’Aguilar Street (Lan Kwai Fong)
Central, Hong Kong

Also includes opening sets by DJ Kid Fresh and Enso
Free entry for Volar members.
$280 cover charge for non members, includes one drink.
** SPECIAL DEAL: Free entry and one free drink before 12:30 for everyone RSVP’ing via the following Facebook link.


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  • Just surfing and came across this site, pretty sweet. I’m actually going on my annual HK Summer Trip tomorrow, I live in the UK but go back every summer. I might check these places out – stoked!

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