Hong Kong’s biggest eyesore?



For a year or two, I sort of put this out of my mind. Scooting up the escalator, it no longer makes my blood boil as it once did when it was first installed around five years ago. But that doesn’t mean I don’t catch a glimpse every now and then that doesn’t re-ignite my fury.

Yesterday was one of those days!

What is 80’s clip-art doing on the walls of the escalator?

Before the horrific, out-dated clip-art (that has nothing remotely to do with Hong Kong,) was installed, there were just blank panels in place. It should have stayed that way.

Someone must have had the brilliant idea to put something on the walls to jazz up the escalator. A total idiot must have made the assumption that this clip-art was worthy of the task.

They should be punished. In fact, this is worthy of vigilante action.

It’s a disgrace and a joke. Don’t call this a world-class international city when over 55,000 people a day are forced to stare at imagery like this. It’s third rate. How about coming up with an idea, say, for illustrations of famous points of interest in Hong Kong. As tourists make their curious way along the escalator route, they might discover someplace else they want to visit. Or, if you had a little more ambition, what about establishing this as a famous outdoor art gallery sponsored by the city? Why do I need to suggest these things?

It’s infuriating me just thinking about it.

Here are some examples of the current “art” that adorns the escalator walls.

[photopress:escalator_art_Hong_Kong_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] Yes, that’s a cassette-deck stereo.

[photopress:Hong_Kong_escalator_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] Yes, that’s a VCR.

[photopress:HK_escalator_Hong_Kong_art.jpg,full,pp_image] Wow, another cheeseburger.

[photopress:escalator_Hong_Kong_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] Nice sun glasses, fighter jet and scooter!

[photopress:Hong_Kong_art_fashion_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] High fashion?

[photopress:Hong_Kong_clip_art_escalato.jpg,full,pp_image] Money: USD, Yen and Canadian money – how shameful can you get?

It’s an outrage!


  • hahahaha! It is funny it makes you so angry. I honestly get a huge laugh out of it every time I go by…I always spot something new and random in it. A doughnut! A sundae! I love the VCR. Hahahahahah.

  • Yes, A, but I know your evil sense of humor – you’re laughing AT IT, not with it! 😉

  • I know u all will hate me but i think the pics are cute..a bit nostalgic and bauhaus-y. I know they can be better but this can’t be too bad hehe!

  • Yeah, I think they should do away with all those unsightly neon signs on Nathan road too. Kidding of course – I think the administrator needs to chill out. This is what makes HK unique. Put these panels in a gallery and everyone would probably ooh and ahh at how creative and unique they are. I like them – they should stay!

  • I actually like it. I like the honest attempt at pop art / early 1980’s feel. And who could possibly not agree that money, consumption, consumer goods are very much present in HK’s DNA? I think it works and it is relevant. I wonder who the artist/designer is, anyone knows? Would be great to hear his views. Am I mad or?

  • I see we have a Fountainhead reader here… It’s not an “honest attempt” at anything, it’s actual clip-art from a CD… Uugggh, I guess a few of you find it charmingly retro, but to me it’s symptomatic of the city’s lack of vision and art culture.

  • I say we go vigilante on this thing and start a hongkonghustle guerilla-style graffiti vandalism campaign on it. It certainly couldn’t get any uglier than it already is and I’m sure they will do something about it asap. Did you see how quickly they covered up the Chanel logo graffiti on the Armani building a couple of weeks ago?

  • I see this all the time but after seeing your pissed off comments along with it, I am laughing so hard I’m almost crying. MULTIPLE cheeseburgers!

  • hahaha! I have the most vivid memories of my childhood staring at those images while taking the escalator to go for Saturday dinners with my family!! They ARE super cheesy and irrelevant, like it came from an 80s ETV (education TV in Hong Kong) program!!!

  • Without those shameful walls we would never be able to appreciate the and respect the thought oriented work in the world… But then again, who is to say that the artwork that is tasteless to many could be hardwork of another individual trying his/her best with what they might have available to them…

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