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I’ve been watching the area on Wyndham Street across from Dragon-i change over the last two years. Where you used to find art galleries and Persian rug stores, you now find bars, concept restaurants, and lounges. Qube, a private club occupying a multi-story space on 41 Wyndham Street, is the newest addition to the block.

Qube is still in the soft-launch stage at the moment and not all of the floors are fully operational. Although the building is narrow, the club makes good use of the floor plan. The first floor features a long bar, a d.j. booth, and a row of podium-like stands to place your drinks on.

The second level of the club feels more intimate. Privacy seems to be of importance, with a face recognition system at the entrance similar to Halo’s. Inside, the vibe is cozy and dark, with one half of the seating almost bed-like.

The orange color scheme and contemporary furniture give Qube an up-tempo, lively feel. On the night I visited, the colors perfectly matched all of the Veuve Clicquot that was going around – including a nebuchadnezzar bottle that popped open at 3 am.


One quirky trait of Qube is the floor on the second level. The panels below your feet actually change from opaque to see-through every ten seconds, meaning that guests on the lower level can see up, or you can see down. The fact that the second level is dark though, means not too much is revealed (although I didn’t adequately test this!)

Here’s a photo from the second level looking down through the floor at the metallic bar:


Several other rooms will be added in the future including a high-end sushi bar. The emphasis at Qube seems to be on exclusivity and modern opulence. Expect an affluent crowd from around the region.


  • does anyone know if this club will allow non-members to just walk in? or do they ONLY allow members and their guests to go in? because volar, kee, and m1nt allow non members to go in even though you aren’t a member

  • Hi JJ, part of the emphasis at Qube is that it is very private. They have a finger print scanner AND a facial recognition system! But, keep in mind, Qube is very small, even by Hong Kong standards. It’s more of a place for private parties, I don’t believe they allow walk-ins at the moment.

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