Beijing Club grand opening… number 3?


Tuesday night featured yet another opening party for Beijing Club. Readers of Hong Kong Hustle might wonder what the fuss is about, since you’ve known about the place for quite some time. Tuesday’s opening was calculated to appeal to a different audience than the normal patrons of the club. The event was handled by Occasions, Hong Kong’s premier event organizer, who can guarantee a certain high-end crowd. Though it may sound strange to outsiders, this multi-opening strategy actually works!

Sure enough, walking around the club bumping into friends, I heard from several people that this was their first time in the place. Beijing Club is hard to gauge from the outside. The space is concealed in what used to be a bland office building. Arriving at M-88 on 2-8 Wellington Street, you need to take an elevator up to get inside.

The club is divided into three floors and also features an outdoor patio. Yet to the uninitiated, all you see when you arrive is a line of people and a handful of bouncers. It’s also intimidating to go to a new club for the first time. Although most people want to go to the newest place in town, it’s always humiliating to run the risk of getting rejected. This prevents many potential party-goers from checking out new spots.

Understanding that, Club Beijing organized a special opening for an audience that perhaps hasn’t yet checked out the club, to give them a quick look at the place. There was an open bar from 9 until 11 with the usual copious amounts of champagne going around. At a certain point, the club’s main dancefloor (on the second floor of the building,) was fenced off and M.C. Goldmountain came out and said a few words. He was followed by a fashion show featuring models dressed in lingerie and furs.

[photopress:Hong_Kong_models_Beijing.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Model_Hong_Kong_Fashion_Sho.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Club_Beijing_HK_party.jpg,full,pp_image]

After the show, the party kicked off with M.C. Goldmountain rhyming over popular Hip Hop instrumentals.


Though the crowd was still just getting settled, perhaps exploring the club for the first time, he had good presence, and the VIP area for the night started to sway. Pretty soon the dance floor was as packed as a weekend night. You can bet that a few people who wouldn’t normally have set foot in Beijing Club are now contemplating their next trip back.


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