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An M.C. takes the stage...

A few weeks ago I ended up leaving the safety of my normal club-going experience, and crossed the harbor to check out a massive new club that opened up in the New World complex in Tsim Sha Tsui.

From Central, on Hong Kong island, the club is just a short ride away. After going through the Cross Harbour Tunnel from Causeway Bay, you end up in the Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood, also referred to as T.S.T. It’s actually located very close to the harbor-front, on the very edge of T.S.T East.

The club’s been open for a few months, but I haven’t had the opportunity to check it out. This night a friend happened to be spinning there, and several other friends were interested in going, so I tagged along.

In comparison to the more upscale spots I normally frequent, the club itself is enormous in size. It’s got high ceilings and a huge open space in addition to a large private booth section. The D.J. booth is on a lengthy elevated stage and there are security guards everywhere. At one point, an M.C. was rapping in Cantonese, trying to stir up excitement with the crowd.

View towards the D.J. booth and stage

I ended up chilling on the stage at the d.j. booth for most of the night. I stayed until around 5:30 am, and then headed home.

The place wasn’t packed, but due to how spread out it is, and the fact that the police had stopped by earlier, it still had a significant crowd. AND, this was on a Wednesday night!

Kowloon clubs, tend to be more like discos – large open rooms with thumping sound systems and lighting displays. Similar clubs in Kowloon are 348 and Cyber Disco. The crowd tends to be young, the music a combination of Cantopop remixes (think trashy Trance-beats with local songs mixed on top,) in addition to commercial hits, and the substance use is heavy.


  • Hi Janet! Sorry, CLUB HOT has already closed. It was located in New World Center, right on the waterfront in TST. Someone told me tonight that a new disco will be opening soon in Tsim Sha Tsui East called something like club 黃蜂 or Hornet in Cantonese! Perhaps this new club will be the same style.

  • Can u tell me the address of this new club that u mention above?
    And can u recommend any clubs that have a similar type music & atmosphere like cyber8 or 348. my friends are looking for rave trance clubs.

  • Hey Janet, I don’t know the address yet, and I don’t believe it’s open. I heard it was going to be located in TST East. Will update you when I have more info! Thanks!

  • How abt Manhattan club in Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Wan Chai?

    I heard the new disco club in TST East is open already but not sure.

  • The club called Manhattan became Club ING many years ago, and recently was renamed Tribeca about 2 years ago. It’s not a disco though and doesn’t play that sort of music. Haven’t been there in a long time, but it’s not one of the major spots at the moment. I heard that there’s another new place opening in TST called Club PP. It doesn’t sound like a disco though either…

  • I went to Tst East last night and located the club, it is inside the EMPIRE CENTRE besides a five star hotel(forgot the name) but I quit waiting due to long line so I will try again tonight, hope I can get in…

  • Im also really interested about the nightlife/nightclubs/discos in TST. In central I feel very updated (partly due this supreme website) but about TST I dont have a clue whats happening!

  • hey buddy, im from overseas, was wonderin if theres any good clubs in TST area, wana go together? cause i don’t have a clue about TST clubs!

  • Thanks for the offer! I’m not an expert on the TST scene either, but I have been to some of the more notorious spots (which have all closed down already!)

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